About Us


Kauai Boutique is passionate about bringing you a line of clothing and jewelry that allows you to express your freedom of spirit. While shopping around for ourselves, we realized there weren't any budget-friendly options to really achieve the look we were aiming for, so we created this site in order to offer others the products we always wanted.

Our vision is to source products from around the world in order to help others exude the bohemian vibe without breaking the bank.

We source our inventory from several designers within the US, Europe, and Asia. In order to keep our inventory affordable, fresh, and up to date with the latest styles we have a centralized fulfillment center in Asia that all of our products ship from. So, please allow for up to 1-3 weeks for shipping and up to 3-4 weeks if the order is international.

Please note that items ordered together may not be shipped out on the same day.  Rest assured, any shipping delays will be communicated. Should any unforeseen delay occur, you will be notified.


A constant that has never wavered is our desire to allow women to appreciate a line of clothing that caters to their intelligence, creativity and individuality, while keeping with its great quality and affordability.

We live a life we love. We set our goals to align with our vision, and it’s why, so often, our one-year goals become today’s reality.